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Post by KeirStryker95 on Fri Nov 08, 2013 10:39 pm

Name: Keir Mahlonne
Island of birth: Tiurai
Age: 28
Preferred occupation: Guardsman or something of the security type. Or proprietor of a store or tavern.
Species: Dark Wolf
Eye color: Neon/ Ice Blue
Hair color: Jet Black
Height (in feet and inches): 6'4 1/2"

Brief character description: He is covered in fur of a jet black color, with a red marking that begins 'cape-like' on his chest, then flares out across his shoulders and back, then tapering down to touch his tail. The interior of the outlines is filled in by what appears to be tightly woven pipework with his black fur showing between the pipes. He is built with 72% muscle tone and is well toned and has a defined muscle and body shape. He is very powerful and strong. He is very shy, yet if he feels very strongly about something, he is not afraid to say so. He normally will wear a wide brimmed hat that is the same color as his main fur. He uses it to cast a shadow over his face, keeping his markings hidden from others because of his fear of not fitting in. He also has digitigrade legs, although he wears boots that he made himself.

Character background/history:

Background 1: Was raised on a farm, and taught the ways of a farmer and merchant. Knows much about buying, selling, and trading. Keir is able to persuade others into buying, but knows when it's time to back from pressuring someone. He can seel just about anything with his skills. He is strong in mathematics and can do business almost anywhere. Keir is also skilled in manual labor and physical jobs.

Background 2:  He joined the country's military/ internal security services around age 19. He was incredibly smart and learned quickly and caught on very fast to orders and duties. He wouldn't disobey orders, and would follow them to a 'T'. He is strong in his abilities and can deliver powerful attacks.

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