Sunday / "Sunny"

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Sunday / "Sunny"

Post by Merrihop on Sat Nov 09, 2013 2:38 am

Name: Sunday/ "Sunny"
Island of birth: Àperirà
Age: 22
Preferred occupation: Messenger/Scout/Stealth Observation
Species: Japanese Marten (Japanese Marten mother, Least Weasel father)
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: White
Height: 4 Feet

Brief character description: Despite her four foot height, Sunny has a flexible, slinky body type befitting a weasel. In her loose fitting uniform, she could be mistaken for a male except for her friendly feminine face. Her golden yellow body is topped by a white face, gold ears, and long white hair. Her arms and legs are a warm dark brown from the elbows and knees down, and her fluffy tail is the same shade as her body.

Character background/history: The only daughter of a loving family, Sunny was born and raised on the Spring island of Àperirà. Her fisherman father instilled in her a love of the outdoors from an early age, often taking his tiny daughter to play in the forest, forage, and camp. The young marten took a quick liking to playing chase and hide, finding more and more ways to quickly escape into the trees to hide from her father, only to sneak around and surprise him again. This became a common practice of hers, and she would find hiding places in her village and the nearby forest where she could observe her surroundings, or take a few moments of quiet privacy with a book or small toy.

Sunny's mother, however, was concerned her daughter would become antisocial if she spent all her time hiding, and encouraged her to use her skills to help those around her. But Sunny was always eager to make friends, and once she realized she could help people and earn rewards by doing these little chores for them, she was all too eager to do so. When she was smaller she earned mostly tiny toys and candy, but as she grew, she started to trade her assistance for small items she wanted or money, once even bartering her service for ukulele lessons.

As she grew into a bright-eyed young woman, Sunny began to think more and more about what she wanted to do with her life. The Overlord's work was well known throughout the island chain, and Sunny had been following events on Aukate for years. In time, she decided her skills might be best used to help forward the ambitious young woman's goals to improve the world. It took some time to help her parents come to terms with their daughter leaving, but once everything was settled and in order, Sunny was able to set off for Isla Aukate, to join the ranks of Overlord Fox.

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