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Character: Devon Marshfield Empty Character: Devon Marshfield

Post by BanditRingtail on Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:26 am

Name: Devon Marshfield
Island of birth: 'Okotopa
Age: 23
Preferred occupation: Dungeon/Prison Design & Maintenance
Species: Anthro Raccoon
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Brown
Height (in feet and inches): 5'4"

Appearance: Devon is a typical raccoon with grey fur and black markings, save for his brown hair on top.  He keeps as well groomed as possible, yet he doesn't always notice when his fur or hair is out of place.  He keeps his uniforms as neat as possible and will change if they are stained enough.

Personality: Devon is a timid and shy sort, and somewhat easy to intimidate.  He warms up quick to others though, if treated well, and is happy and eager to make long-lasting friends.  Still, he has a few hidden quirks, and seems to take a bit of joy in mischief and mild sadism.  He's trying to quell the darker aspects of his nature, yet there are some days he just wants to lock people up and see what makes them tick.  He is honest and good-hearted though, and while it may take him time, he will apologize when wrong, and work to make things better.  But gosh, do people have to keep making BDSM jokes around him?  It's not like he takes his work home with him (yet).

Background: Growing up in a large family, Devon sometimes felt a bit overlooked, and some of his brothers liked to bully him with their friends.  He did his best to hide, and never got into any fights, but they'd find him eventually.  Things didn't get better until they went off to college.  Even then, Devon was quiet and didn't make much of a fuss, sketching pictures in a place of solitude (and avoiding chores).  It was only later that it was discovered that he was sketching designs, figuring out the mechanics for small and large objects.  He started building small traps for animals, helping to supplement his family's diet and income, though he needed to simplify the initial designs to be more efficient and effective.  He later started experimenting with larger contraptions, and once trapped his mother in the kitchen by accident for almost an hour before he could dismantle the lock.  He was sent to an engineering school on Titema both as reward and punishment, his parents figuring he might find a better outlet for his hobbies.  Unfortunately, there was an incident involving his brothers and their college buddies, though he refuses to discuss the details, saying only that "they had it coming".  He is wanted for questioning by the police on Titema, so he applied to the Overlord's outfit for both sanctuary and in hopes he might be able to earn a decent wage using his skills. Plus, working and/or living in the dungeon will keep him out of the public eye, which suits him just fine.

He just hopes bootcamp goes well. He's a little nervous about being yelled at while trying to scale a twenty foot wall.

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