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Character: Areta Davies Empty Character: Areta Davies

Post by KRancourt on Sun Nov 10, 2013 1:00 am

Name: Areta (ah REH tah, Maori version of 'Alice', meaning - of noble kind) Davies
Island of birth: Aukate
Age: 30
Preferred occupation: Base Operations (shipping/receiving/logistics)
Species: Tiger Quoll (Dasyurus maculatus sentiens)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: medium red-brown, white streaks
Height (in feet and inches): 5'1"

Brief character description:
A short female quoll of medium build, her fur red-brown and shading to cream where visible along her lower jaw, throat and wrists, her hands pink and bare. Her face resembles that of an opossum; her eyes round and dark, forward-facing over her muzzle, which is a little longer and narrower than that of a cat, with a pink button-like nose and a lower jaw that fits neatly under the upper, giving her smile a tight-lipped quality. Her ears sit slightly lower on the sides of her head than a cat's, rising to slightly-rounded points, each pierced once near the outer corner and bearing a tiny golden stud. Her hair is kept long, but braided and tucked up so as not to be inconvenient.
She is short, only five feet tall, but carries herself with a dignity and grace that shows pride in the uniform she wears and the Empire she serves. Her legs are digitigrade and her tail is thick and conical, long enough to brush the ground behind her should she forget to curl the end.

Character background/history:
Born on Saturday, the 5th of May, Areta has been the epitome of the nursery rhyme verse, "Saturday's child works hard for a living." Even very young, she was an industrious and helpful child, pitching in to help her mother keep their house neat in the wake of her father and three older brothers. She was hungry to learn, bringing her brothers' school-books to her parents to read to her. Her parents, seizing on this, taught her how to sound out the words, and in no time, she was reading the books to them instead. Her father, a football (soccer) coach, used the game to teach his little girl how to count, add, and track time, as well as encouraging her to run and train like his players. She was considerably well-prepared when she entered school, but rather than advance her to a higher grade-level, her parents chose to keep her with her age-group to encourage socialization.
School was a blur in her memory. She had little difficulty in her early years, showing strengths in language arts and applied mathematics. Her brothers, being older, were not present in her classes, but were vigilant for any bullies, and the siblings traveled as a group to and from the school grounds whenever possible. As she progressed through middle- and into high-school, she tried out for and landed positions on her school's soccer and track teams, maintaining a respectable GPA in order to maintain her eligibility to play and frequently just-missing the honor-roll by a fraction of a point.
She applied to collegiate-studies and was accepted on an athletic scholarship for her ability in football. Her determination netted her her MBA in the end, at which point she applied to serve in the Overlord's Empire. She has served in the Empire's ranks for a number of years at this point, gravitating toward the Lair's Operational functions.


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