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Character: Garran White Empty Character: Garran White

Post by TheSphinx on Sun Nov 10, 2013 4:16 pm

Name: Garran “Prometheus” White
Island of birth: Àperirà
Age: 23
Preferred occupation: scientist (mainly physics and engineering: electronic, heavy machinery development and medical technology)
Race: anthropomorphic androsphinx (in short: an anthro lion with wings)
Eye color: dark blue-green
Hair color: black
Height: 7’ 4’’ (approximately), wingspan 14' 8'' (approximately)
Brief description: White fur and long black mane, white wings with black tips, digitigrade. Prosthetic left arm up to the shoulder (including few left ribs and some vertebrae, not visible), scars on the left side of chest and back. The artificial arm is more of a draft, a work-in-progress, than an elegant piece of technology.  

Personality: a bit moody. Exuberant when happy or excited, but can be shy and embarrassed when he doesn’t know how he should behave (maybe a consequence of his “I must know” attitude towards things: he is only comfortable on a topic when he knows something about it).

Background: “I have an impulsive and childish need to see how things work”

Sphinxes are natural vessels for knowledge. It’s a natural instinct, an impulse as strong as every other basic need, a hunger for learning. Everyone have a favorite field, though, and for Garran it was technology. Since he was a child he always remained fascinated by the almost magical way technology worked. There were clocks at first: an endless number of gears working in perfect coordination. By the age of six he was able to dismantle and rebuild any of them. Then was electronic: how mysterious was to turn the lights on, almost as a magician pulling a rabbit out of the hat. Soon his first Tesla coil was built. The more he discovered and learned, the more his hunger for science grew, until his attention was caught by the most elaborated machine: life.

It was a wonderful discovery that anatomy was so mechanical, so technical, like crafted by a skillful engineer. Between the many projects he began building small limb prototypes, simple prosthetics. Bones, muscles, tendons, pistons and cables, wires and actuators, he could spend days alone between his machines working on a new hand or a better interface.

Then he got too far on a project. Without a good budget you can’t expect things always work. He got caught in an explosion, and a sheet iron chopped his left arm up to the shoulder.

Many could have changed lifestyle after that. But how could he turn his back to his own essence? He grabbed what little he still had, took one of the few prosthetics he ever managed to make properly work, had it implanted and started again. When he heard of the Overlord’s project, he thought that was the occasion to make his talent and ideas fully bloom and signed for the boot camp.

Every Overlord needs at least one mad scientist, right?

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