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Post by DeanFox on Tue Nov 12, 2013 1:13 pm

Name: Dean "kit" CrossFox
Island of birth: Noema
Age: 28
Preferred occupation: mechanic or dungeon escape tester
Species: Fox
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blond tawny yellow/ light brown
Height (in feet and inches): 5' 9" inches barefoot and plantigrade thought has been caught walking digigrade though never measured

Brief character description: average height rather slender in build with a big tail, some would say too big white markings include his eyelids (from corners of his nose up) always seen fully clothed even swimming due to markings oh his back.

Character background/history: only child of his parents comes from a big family cousins nearest to his age all girls with the only other boy older and seldom seen spent his early childhood "being the baby" spoiled nearly rotten.  Not well liked by most on Noema he did make some enemies for some reason. spent his childhood helping his parents build their "hoard" utilizing his thinness to retrieve things for them they themselves could not get.  this required sometimes the dis assembly of the object and the reassembly at a different location.  Still tries to hoard but is getting better at it and now only collects pocket sized things.  he heard there were cars on this island and decided to come has aspirations of owning a car even if he never achieves a position of power as anything he works on he considers his, especially if it contains some of his own personal parts to make function would be described as introverted is a knee jerk apologist, gets kicked he apologizes.

At least that's what he's afraid will have been sent ahead to chase him back.  He was spoiled as a young child sure but he now works for what he has.  His father was always tinkering with things and would occasionally have to go to the dump and scrounge for required parts.  requiring sometimes to hold his son by the tail to reach certain parts, much to the embarrassment of his mother. I can be introverted but I try not to be,  I only collects car related things.  heard there were cars on this island and decided to come here to see what he has only seen so far in pictures and in parts. I do have aspirations of owning a car or at least turning wrenches. and as I stand here on the ferry looking at the approaching island it's either sink or swim so lets try swimming

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