Leon Triakis aka "Razor"

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Leon Triakis aka "Razor"

Post by Rotors91 on Wed Nov 13, 2013 4:00 am

Name: Leon “Razor” Triakis
Island of birth: Tiùnu
Age: 22
Preferred occupation: Flexible, as long as there’s fighting involved
Species: Leopard Shark
Eye color: Dark Green
Hair color: N/A
Height (in feet and inches): 5’ 9”

Brief character description: See Razor Ref
An independent, zealous character,  Razor takes every challenge thrown at him by the horns with a toothy smile on his face. In other words, he’s a huge adrenalin junkie. He can come off a bit cocky to some, as he can be a little TOO confident in his own power,  and he takes it rather hard when he  fails. His independence makes it hard for him good team player, something working under the Overlord is sure to fix. He is, however, rather friendly, willing to talk to anyone and everyone…this goes for any flirting as well. He doesn’t discriminate. True to his name sake, he’s sharp and able to learn and adapt quickly to most situations…unless its too  sciency…then fo’ git that. Has a great love for kickboxing and surfing.

Character background/history:
Prior signing up for boot camp, Razor’s life was pretty average. He grew up on his home island, attending school, playing sports, the works! Even as a young pup, his  family and friends knew that he loved a challenge. If he was told he couldn’t do something, he’d find a way to do it, regardless of how many broken bones he’d end up with. Being an energetic kid, his parents figured it would be a good  idea to put him in kickboxing, anything that would curb that boundless, almost destructive energy. That turned out to be both a blessing and a curse, as he became very very very good, but at the cost of many of his mother’s favorite flower pots. When he graduated from highschool, he went on to college,  specializing in  sports therapy and rehabilitation. He worked for a few months, but quit his job as soon as he learned of the recruitment, and was quick to  sign up. He feels this will be the ultimate challenge for him, to test his metal against others and prove himself worth to be one of the Overlord’s minions. Battle training can’t be all that hard, right?

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