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Steven "Dragonwolf" Josephson Empty Steven "Dragonwolf" Josephson

Post by Dragonwolf on Wed Nov 13, 2013 4:04 pm

Name: Steven "Dragonwolf" Josephson
Island of birth: Tiànuare
Age: 28
Preferred occupation: R&D Engineer
Species: Arctic wolf (1/4 red fox)
Eye color: Green flecked with gold/amber
Hair color: N/A
Height (in feet and inches): 5'4"

Brief character description:
physical: silver white fur base coat, black foxlike "socks" and "gloves", dyed red fur on top of head and muzzle in a flame pattern, furless electrical burn scars on several fingers of each hand
mental: usually working on step 3 and 4 before he finishes step 2, can lead to "accidents" when he forgets to ground himself before turning on the coils

Character background/history: always fascinated by finding out how stuff worked as a child, his parents got him his first robotics kit as a pre-teen, suspended from high school freshman year for building a Taser in shop class, after college for mechanical and electrical engineering worked for a think-tank for several years before he heard the Overlord was recruiting


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