Gu Jiao the snow leopard

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Gu Jiao the snow leopard

Post by Ezra Stewart on Thu Nov 14, 2013 1:11 am

Name:Gu Jiao
Island of birth: Tianuare
Age: 76
Preferred occupation: Strategist, or tactician of some kind.
Species: Snow Leopard
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Gray, and white
Height (in feet and inches): 5'8

This is how his hair and facial hair usually looks.

Brief character description: A slender old snow leopard, with a slender frame, he stands tall and dignified anywhere he goes, taking care never to slouch. With long facial hair upon his face, slowly growing unkempt, and a little messy, while he keeps his hair tied up at all times. His face shows much stress and wear, as well as the rest of his body, as he slowly grows older. His shoulders are average in their width, and he is usually dressed in long messy robes of different types of lucrative fabrics. Keeping at his side an expandable baton at all times, it is the only weapon he knows how to use. Proud, stubborn, and sometimes arrogant, he works his hardest to overcome whatever challenge is laid before him.

Character background/history: Having been born on the snowy island of Tianuare, Gu Jiao grew up isolated and alone with his family. Having 7 siblings beside him, he was the youngest of them all. Despite this fact however, he was loud, and boisterous, and often was mistaken for being the eldest out of all of his siblings for this fact alone. Often however, he would fight with his brothers, and even his sisters. As he grew older, he continued to be as boisterous as he could be, going to the small villages on Tianuare and drinking at the small taverns there, usually causing more ruckus than was befitted him. At the age of twenty, he eventually decided to leave, and left his family without saying so much as a farewell. Reckless, arrogant, and impudent, he cared little for the world, or what the world thought of him, and happily left the small snowy island of Tianuare, this time leaving for the island Titema.

Upon arriving here, he quickly left into the countryside of this island, and proceeded to learn how to hunt, to which he failed quiote miserably. As word of his poor shooting swept across the countryside, he became quite a joke. Many would say of him " If any man seek to be in the safest place upon the world, they need only stand in front of Gu Jiao while he tries to shoot a gun, for he can never hit his target!". Frustrated with this, he returned to his drinking, and eating, taking little care of himself. After several years of barely scraping by, he eventually met a man in a bar with whom he got into a long drawn out fight with. After the fight, the man with whom Gu Jiao had fought, whose name Jerald, offered him a job at a mill up in the countryside. Happily taking it, Gu Jiao worked here for three long decades, where he drank and worked, living a life of little importance.

Upon his forty fifth birthday however, a scholarly man who had been traveling the islands entered his mill, who sought shelter from a terrible storm that had been raging on the island. Here the scholarly man would live for the next several months before the summer came and melted some fo the snow. During this time, Gu would often come to visit the scholar, whose name was Seji, at first simply to extort him or try and make a fool of him. However, one day when he met with Seji, he got into a heated argument with him, and as Gu was about to strike Seji, who was old and frail, Seji said to him "Your Ignorance is a lot like the sludge you have drank every moment that I have been with you here : the more you seem to have of it, the less you are able to see its effect on you" This stopped Gu in his tracks, and he left distraught. He returned to Seji after several days, and talked to him in a more humble tone. Eventually Seji convinced Gu to join him, so that he may teach Gu everything he knew, and guide him along a path of further knowledge. Gu asked why Seji so desired to have him as his pupil, since he knew nothing, to which Seji replied. "If I took a pupil who was the wisest among his peers, then would he truly be able to appreciate that which I teach him? Nay, however, if I should teach to someone who has been bereft of knowledge all of their life, but is willing to learn, he truly will hold his wisdom close to him, and consider carefully how to use it."

Gu Jiao left with Seji,and together they roamed the long island chain, with Seji teaching Gu Jiao everything he knew. With Jiao eventually quitting his drinking habits. Seji eventually died at the age of 95 when Gu Jiao had turned 61. Jiao spent the next four years reading texts and books, and educating himself. At the age of 65, feeling he had learned all he possibly could for now, he decided to return to his home island, which he had not been too since he had left it at the age of twenty. Upon returning, he made hsi way to his old home, which he found deserted. He set himself up here, and rested for 11 years, thinking and philosophizing, as he also poured himself over books and manuals. During thsi time, he considered how he would use the knowledge passed down to him by Seji, and how he would also pass it down to another if possible. During the year when he turned 76, he decided to go join the Overlord.
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