Character: Vincent Avery

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Character: Vincent Avery

Post by Schemmer on Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:08 am

Name: Vincent Avery
Island of birth: Tiunu
Age: 26
Preferred occupation: Cook
Species: Spectacled Bear
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Indistinguishable from fur (warm brown)
Height (in feet and inches): 5 feet 10 inches

Brief character description:
Plantigrade spectacled bear. More muscled around chest and shoulders. Lighter markings extend down to just below his pectorals.
Vince is more comfortable around others than alone, generally cheerful, generally takes well to being given directions, but likely to freeze up if offered sharp or abrupt criticism. Tasks requiring a sequence of steps - like cooking - come easier to him than those requiring extensive multitasking. Practical, but generally focuses more on the short than the long term.

Character background/history:
Raised on Tiunu by his grandparents - now deceased - he took a job cooking in the local diner in his early teens, and has worked there since. When the opportunity presented itself, he would gather his own ingredients and experiment. He never attended college or university. In his early twenties, he took to providing for a newcomer in the town, a girl 12 years his junior who quickly became his dependent - though his relationship with her remains more "older brother" than "father." He'd do anything to give her her best chance. He hopes working for the Overlord will earn him enough that she could go to college 5 years from now. Leaving her with his aunt and uncle with the promise to write, he started on his trip to Aukate.

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