Rules and guidlines for posting in the literature forum.

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Rules  and guidlines for posting in the literature forum. Empty Rules and guidlines for posting in the literature forum.

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:01 pm

PLEASE KEEP LITERATURE PG RATED. I'm really sorry but seeing as I don't allow erotic RP for the same reason, I'd like this forum to be able to be perused by minors without worrying. 

Simply post ONE thread and you can submit new stories to it instead of making a new thread every time you have a new story. Users may be allowed to comment on your stories as they wish to unless you'd prefer they didn't in which case specifiy that you don't want commentary in Big bold letters so its unmistakable. I will help with pruning comments should people ignore your wishes.

Please keep your literature submitted relevant to the Forum and its topics. While I'm sure your pony fanfic it teh awesomez, it would be better hosted elsewhere.

Literature posted must be made BY you.

If a user has left his/her literature open for commentary, please be nice and respectful when commenting. Remember if you can't say something nice, don't say it at all.

I will allow mild violence/blood etc in your stories but please warn your audience if subject matter is a little disturbing. The key word here is "MILD"

Seeing as there may be a post limit for a longer story be sure all of it copied correctly and post which part of the story it belongs to so that if you post other stories, we'll be able to tell where one ends and another begins.

THIS IS NOT AN RP THREAD. These are stories of your character in non-interactive environements perhaps things that happened to them before they came to kua kua or personal reflections of character or single-character experiences.


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