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Post by Admin on Thu Dec 05, 2013 12:30 pm

I hate doing this but this particular character type has potential for problems in the future and honestly it makes no sense in the universe.

Allow me one thing clear, every character is a freak in the RP. We are a diverse collective race of mutant animal people on an isolated island created thousands of years ago in a moreu like fashion by a socerer/wizard. The outside world is inhabited by humans and they for the most part don't know we exist.

Having an oucast/last of my kind/discriminated character makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. We're all weird, we're all different, we're all unique. We have a CERBERUS, a SPHINX, a and a race of enemy aliens that look like humans but have gills and amphibious anatomy. There is nothing that would feasibly make your appearance/race whatever something to be mocked.

Please keep this in mind if you wish to join the forum for those who are interested in it.


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