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Character: Night Moonstar Empty Character: Night Moonstar

Post by Nightwolf1513 on Thu Dec 05, 2013 2:28 pm

Name: Night MoonStar
Born: Small Village on Àperirà
Species: Black Winged Wolf
Eye Color: Red
Hair color: Purple
Height: 5.6"
Preferred Job: Military, Scout  

Brief Character Description: Night is a Black Fur wolf with large 5 1/2 ft long wings, with wings this size she was able to fly with speed and force. She loves to fly whenever she can, at least once a day so she doesn't keep caged during the day. Night at times tends to be a loner when she battles or hunts. But when it comes to being around new people she tends to be a bit shy, it takes her sometime for her to warm up to a person. She is able to shoot a bow and arrow very well and her hand to hand combat is one of the best. As for her combat, she is one of the best to hand to hand combat. As for shooting weapons her weapon of choice is the bow and an arrow, she can learn to use other weapons if you teach her as she is a fast learner. One thing she likes to do a few times a day is to meditate, this is mostly because she respects the earth and the life she was given, she does this at least once a day so she can feel connected to the earth. As for other talents she is able to sing very well, she usually sings songs that her mother taught her. As for her emotions she tires to keep a claim mind at all times when around others or in the heat of battle, the only time her emotions get the better of her is when she is angry.

Character Bio/Backround:
Her village is located on a rural part of the Àperirà Spring Island where most of the villagers are hunters and farmers, they trade for the things that they need and sends supplies to other islands. She is one of the many hunters that where there, the villagers all have different color furs and are known for their speed and to be able to fly. Night at a young age learned how to shoot her first bow and arrow at a young age and can run at fast speeds, she always love to run in the forest where she loves to be around nature. As she got older she learned how to hunt from her father and how to farm an sing from her mother, her mother at times would call her the "black beauty" because how she can sing. Later Night became one of the best hunters in her village and was able to bring nice hauls to help out her villagers, she loves to help anyone in need. But she wanted to do something more to help out her people, but she felt so confined to her village until her parents told her about the Overload in the other island.

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