Clarifications to setting and environment.

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Clarifications to setting and environment.  Empty Clarifications to setting and environment.

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:21 am

We are basically in a hawaiian climate which means we have hawaii's fauna and flora There are island exceptions to this, here and there but as of right now it's not relevant. Kua kua and Aukate are both hawaiian like islands.

We don't have roads. we have ONE wide gravel path that leads to an estate near the lair and one jeep owned by a very wealthy businessman. that's the extent of our vehicles (aside from the helibikes of course.) I don't want cars on the island, there's no practical use for them with our terrain and building and paving roads would be a waste of time money and resources and be very harmful to the surrounding fauna and flora. We are animals first and formost ergo we're a bit more geared toward preservation of nature first and formost. It's like a default setting.

The Aliens (darnathi) do not have vehicles either. Seriously get it out of your head that we have these, nor will we. We have ferries that travel to and from the islands the same way disney has ferries that travel to and from the hotels to the parks. Some people have private fishing boats. 

Mountain bikes (sans any engine) will be given to those who run errands to and from the lair. Else-wise you walk on foot everywhere.


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