Character: Socks the Fox

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Character: Socks the Fox

Post by Socks the Fox on Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:37 pm

Name: Jade "Socks the Fox" Fisher
IoB: Mè
Age: 24
Preferred occupation: unknown
Species: Red Fox
Eye Color: Green
Hair color: Black with jade green highlights
Height: 5' 10"

Socks is tall and a little too skinny, with pointed markings on rust-orange and cream colored fur and black hair with jade green highlights that match her eyes. She's a little goofy, very empathetic, and unconditionally kind. She prefers the far less formal nickname of "Socks" to the point where she sometimes doesn't realize when she's called by her actual name.

Socks was raised on one of the smaller islands just off of Mè, having always been part of a small family where nothing very interesting ever happened. She never really knew what she wanted to do with her life, since on this smaller island there really wasn't much _to_ do. In her mid teen years she started hearing whispers of interesting goings-on on one of the nearby islands, a new ruler laying claim to the region. At first people acted as though it was just another thing that would pass, but as time went on news of the exploits of this new empire became more frequent, and it became obvious that this was no temporary thing.

Socks marveled at the thought of becoming part of something big, something important; part of something that could actually influence the archipelago, if not the world. For two more years, she studied and practiced lots of different subjects, still unsure of what part she wanted to play in this new empire, but now she had a goal to strive for. Finally, on her 18th birthday, she gave her goodbyes and set off for the Overlord's empire.

Once she arrived, Socks found things very different from the home she knew. Strange new devices from what seemed to be another world, though she would later find were actually created right here in the lair; species she had never encountered from islands further along the chain; and a much wider range of educational opportunities that may help her decide her path. Alas, the expanded selection of vocations didn't help her find one to settle on; quite the contrary, she wanted to do them all.

Her inability to decide would show, however. While she knew a little about a lot, she never studied a particular subject enough to truly become proficient at it; a prime example of the phrase "jack of all trades, master of none." She would often grasp the basics of a subject, then be distracted by some other opportunity to pursue. Feeling that she was not strong or fast or quiet enough to participate in the armed forces, or studied enough to participate in R&D, she was very nervous when she finally bit the bullet and submitted her application with the hope that someone in the lair would know where she belonged.

Edit 2/10/14: Retconned surname from 'Harley' to 'Fisher.'
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