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Post by Tamara on Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:47 pm

Name: Tamara
Island of birth: Pèperuare
Age: 32
Preferred occupation: Huntress/Scout
Species: Siberian Tigress (Panthera Tigris Altaica)
Sex: Female
Eye color: Emerald green (Iris is slitted like a cat)
Hair color: Dark Brown. (Length varies between shoulder-length to waist/tail base. Strand of hair around her face and tips of bangs are usually dyed, colour varies upon her mood and the need of the day)
Height (in feet and inches): 6'2" (185cm)
Weight: 200lbs (90kg)

Paws: She has only four fingers on each paw, including an opposable thumb, with retractable claws. Her hands have small pads, much smaller than that of a feral tiger, covering part of her palms and fingers.
Claws: Her hands have two set of retractile claws: small ones, approximately the size of nails, at the end of each finger, and long ones, that sticks out between her fingers, and are approximately the size of her fingers (Think Wolverine from X-Men). The long claws can come out only when she closes her hands into fists.
Dual stance: She can move around as easily on her legs than on all fours, since her joints (shoulders and hips) have two positions, allowing her to adopt either at will. It takes a brief moment to switch though.

Brief character description:
Tamara is a fine representative of her species: lean as females usually are, with a thick coat of fur and powerful muscles underneath. Standing at more than 6 foot, with the kind of build than one gets after a lifetime hunting in the cold wilds of her island, she may appear impressive but she is a nice person, friendly and easygoing, who loves nothing more than to meet new people and make new friends. It takes a lot to anger her, but those who do usually pay it, painfully. She isn't a tigress for nothing.
She will usually wear as little clothing as possible, for the simple fact that her thick fur provides a quite efficient insulation, thus making clothing quite optional. She'd wear an uniform only for formal occasion, preferring something light and functional for day to day activities or while performing her job. The less clothing, the less the chance it gets stuck somewhere and hamper her during a hunt or a scouting mission; all she needs is something for her equipment or to bring back whatever she hunted down. She also disdain most types of weaponry, preferring to use the natural weaponry that her species has been gifted with.

Character background/history:
Born in a litter of four from a quite traditional family of tigers on the island of Pèperuare, she was trained into the fine art of the hunt at a very young age. Her parents did the most of the teaching, though other adults from the village helped as well. It taught her the value of patience, that every movement counted and should be carefully thought, and how to camouflage herself, using her natural camouflage (her fur) and whatever was available around. She also learnt, the hard way, that being too cocky was a sure way to die, as it led one of her brothers to be trampled to death by a scared pack of moose.

Curious in nature, she learned about the world outside her native island: the other islands in the area, the Overlord's Empire, and the world outside, run by humans. As she grew up, she wanted to know more and see more, until she wasn't satisfied with the simple life at her village. Her parents were sad to see her go, but knew that she needed to follow her own way to find herself and her place in the world, so they let her go. Besides, the Overlord's island wasn't that far away, so they could visit each other if they wanted to. Upon arriving at Aukate, Tamara went straight to the Overlord's base to get herself enrolled.

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