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Character: Charles Carlisle Empty Character: Charles Carlisle

Post by WolfWings on Thu Mar 27, 2014 8:05 am

Name: Charles Carlisle
Island of Birth: 'Okotopa
Age: 26
Preferred Occupation: Repairs (think HVAC, locksmith, plumbing, etc)
Species: Greater Glider
Eye color: Solid black
Fur color: Purple, lighter than the uniforms and lighter still on his chest and face.
Height: 4 feet
Weight: 60 pounds

Brief character description:

This purple-furred greater glider would be far more noticeable anywhere else with a tail as long as he is, large wing-sails connecting his limbs together, and black orbs for eyes. At only four feet tall and amongst so many taller others dressed in purple, he blends into a crowd. With hands that are always busy doing something, and as comfortable upside down as right-side up, he's more at home tangled up in a machine with tools strewn all about than trundling around on the ground.

His wing-sails would greatly complicate clothing, but he's had numerous small tunnel gauges put in around his 'body' in the innermost edge of his wing-sails which allow him to hook clothing through them. While not 'fitted' by any stretch, it lets the clothing look normal instead of like someone dumped him into a rucksack, and also lets him still make the huge gliding jumps his kind is known for.

Character background/history:

Born on one of the cooler islands and raised in a family that fixed the various machinery that makes day-to-day life livable, and taught by doing versus reading, Carlisle has always had a knack for puzzles, and approaching repairs as glorified puzzles of how best to locate and extract the broken part and replace it with a working one. Combined with his small size and easy comfort at all angles led him to find it fairly easy to find work.

His fur color stood out where he grew up though, and eventually he got bored fixing the same sorts of machines time and time again. He grew restless, and started to look into where he would fit in better, both where he could grow his skills further and perhaps not stick out like a sore thumb. Learning of the Aukate island and the purple-uniformed group under Overlord Fox, he set out on a boat soon after to apply to work for the Overlord with no idea what to expect.

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