Character: Ledoux

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Character: Ledoux

Post by Archeus on Sat Mar 29, 2014 8:11 am

Name: Ledoux
Island of birth:Tepetema
Preferred occupation: Survivalist Hunter
Species: Red Fox with recessive color genes.
Eye color:Gold/yello
Hair color: Artic White with black tipped tail
Height (in feet and inches): 4'

Brief character description: Non Anthro Fox her main concern has been watching over her family in particular Zenny. She does posses the ability to talk.

Character background/history: Ledoux is the older sister of Zenny. They had been exploring by the beach of Tepetema when a surge from the ocean drove them inward, then pulled them back out clutching a wooden plank from a decimated bannister. They fought to stay a float as their Island drifted out of sight. After a time on the water, Ledoux who had been badly wounded rose her head to see another spot of land in sight. Maybe just maybe they could make it ashore.

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