Character: Zenny

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Character: Zenny

Post by Zenny on Mon Mar 31, 2014 4:09 am

Name: Zenny
Island of birth: Tepetema
Age: 10
Preferred occupation: Unknown
Species: Fox
Eye color: Heterochromia (L: Light green, R: Light blue)
Hair color: Lavender
Height (in feet and inches): 1' 8"

Brief character description: Feral (non-anthro) lavender fox.
Black furred ears, tail tip, and socks (arms and legs / paws).
White fur on the inside of his ears, lower muzzle, and underbelly extending to the underside of his tail.
Freckles on his muzzle under his eyes.
Special birthmark: Splotches of discolored lavender covering his bottom.

Character background/history: Zenny is the younger brother of Ledoux. They had been exploring by the beach of Tepetema when a surge from the ocean drove them inward, then pulled them back out clutching a wooden plank from a decimated banister. They fought to stay afloat as their Island drifted out of sight.

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