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Post by Technocupcake on Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:26 am

Name: Zev Aeon
Island of birth: Tiunu
Age: 17
Preferred occupation: Hunting, Engineering/mechanics
Species: Wolf
Eye color: Stormy gray
Fur color: Green
Height (in feet and inches): 5' 11'

Brief character description: Likes joking around, making sarcastic comments, Fedoras, fingerless gloves, (Usually not seen wearing these though) making new friends, and having fun. Will try to do what's best for others, even if it means protecting them with his life. He likes mechanics and things of the sort. He likes to get random parts from his bag and see what he can make with them in his spare time, and when he is bored.

Character background/history: An ordinary life in a village on the island of Tiunu. Growing up with his parents, and his sister Pyrite. (And no, I did not get the name from the name from the comic. I gave her that name before I found the comic, and laughed a bit when I found a character named Pyrite in the comic.) He was taught how to hunt, and he often did. He preferred to build different things though. Mechanics and engineering. In his spare time when he was bored, he liked to grab some random parts from his bag and see what he could build with them. When he decided to set off, he taught his sister how to hunt first, for the family. Now he has set off for another place to be.

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