Character: Sylvian Greymyst

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Character: Sylvian Greymyst

Post by Sylvian on Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:23 pm

Name: Sylvian Greymyst
Island of birth: Aukate
Age: 30
Preferred occupation: Medical Officer (Doctor)
Species: Grey Wolf
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown with grey highlights on the temples
Height (in feet and inches): 5'6

Brief character description: Sylvian is an even tempered well mannered Wolf in his early thirties. He has mostly grey fur, with medium brown to light brown highlights tossed in, the most visible being on his muzzle and along his tail. He has digi-grade legs, thus never wears boots, and is always seen in his uniform (Complete with stethoscope and clipboard) when in public or around the base. He also wears bifocal glasses, the result of too many night studying too late without lights. The only time he ever wears casual dress is on one of his rare (Often forced), vacations.

Character background/history: Sylvian was born on the Island of Aukate, the Capital and center of the Overlord's Empire. From an early age he showed interest in helping others when they were injured and often was the first person to grab the band-aids when a friend got hurt. Growing up an only child he also got a lot of attention from his parents when he was younger, but as he grew older spend more time around friends and even started volunteering at the local clinic as an aid.

Eventually, he went to college and attended Medical School where he attained his MD at the age of 24. Shortly there after he enlisted into the Overlord's forces and has served as a Doctor within her ranks for the past six years first as a general practitioner, then in the past two years as one of the senior medical officers.

(the below is what happened on the last forum, if you wish us to make a clean start, I shall delete this, as it is simply additional information that does not need to be included, but would provide more RP opportunity for myself and others.)

He was present during the defection of Commander (now General), Darius Steele and Garrett Silver. He was one of the attending physicians who along with Doctor Silver attempted to save General Steele's life. Though not crucial in Master Steele's recovery, he lent what aid he could and assisted in round the clock vigils, as well as during the events of Darius being controlled by his former Master (Though, he did not play a role in those events, simply existed in the background during).

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