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Post by VeccentXL on Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:06 am

Name: Veccent Xegyas Lutesong
Island of birth: Unknown
Age: 24
Preferred occupation: Spa attendant
Species: Red-panda Otter (otter with red panda markings)
Eye color: Yellow
Hair color: Blue, turquoise purple/pink
Height (in feet and inches): five foot, six inch

Brief character description: a silent otter with a tail much longer than most other otters. He prefers to be in the background most of the time as he is a mute and hates being the center of attention because of communication issues, but some time find himself there anyways. he does communicate with others when he gets to know them and normally has a pen and notepad.

Character background/history: He came to Aukate for a much better life (will be expanded when i can get more information on the world)


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