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Post by Akkarri on Sat Nov 09, 2013 2:24 am

Name: Lexaniri
Island of birth: Tiùnu
Age: 20
Preferred occupation:  Ranger, hunter, militia, fairly flexible
Species: Kyarn
Eye color: Gold
Hair color: Brown
Height (in feet and inches): 6'

Brief character description: Lexaniri appears to be some form of strange mutant mix of creatures.  Tall, thin, flexible Fully covered in fur, lynx like appearance with a slightly longer muzzle, long whip like tail and rather elven looking ears.  She seems to have learned much to the value of stealth as her preferred weapons include the bow, bo-staff, and various useful knives (even though she is familiar with various weapons such as firearms).  Some may consider her a mutant, some may consider her something else, either way, it has made her somewhat of an outcast from her original village.  Due to living on her own she has learned many skills including tracking, herb gathering, foraging and fishing.

Character background/history: Lexaniri had been a long time loner upon Tiùnu.  She and her family had been considered strange, even compared to the other residents of the island.  So, they tended to live away from the village, surviving off the hunting, fishing, and gathering, and only coming back into the village in order to trade their hunting and fishing surplus.  Granted, in her mind, it always seemed that it took more and more to get the same basic supplies, each time they returned.  Much of her tracking skills, fighting skills, and hunting skills were taught to her from her father.

In the end, Lexaniri grew tired of these dealings, and had to set out, moving from island to island, fishing here, hunting there.  However, even that was wearing thin for her as she was barely scraping by and traveling between the islands.  Soon enough she reached one of those islands where the Overlord's minions occupied, bringing her into close contact with them from time to time.  Perhaps she'll be recruited, maybe drawn in by those who are there.  At least it would be a bit more of a stable livelihood than she has had in recent times.

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