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Post by Angewolf on Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:34 pm

Name: James Wilson
Island of birth: Àperirà
Age: 30
Preferred occupation: Cook
Species: Diamondback Turtle
Eye color: Phthalo green
Hair color: No Hair
Height (in feet and inches): 4' 5"

Brief character description: Being a turtle James is a bit slow on movement and not one of the most flexible species out there with the shell. For balance he has a gator like tail the tip reaching towards his ankles. The shell on his back covering the entirety of it reaching from above the neck line down just above the hamstring area. The shelling reaching all around the front of his body as well covering mostly the same amount of his body, except stopping just at the collar at the front. The squares on the back of his shell being adorned with multiple colored tiles. The tiles being thin to not be noticeable by weight and fitted to each square as perfectly as able. The middle 5 tiles being a bright Yellow-Gold, the two sides of those tiles being a calm Royal Blue, and the edging/bordering tiles being alternating tiles of both colors. The lines between the tiles being filled with soft silver colored grout.

Character background/history: James is an only child, having been born to the Isle of Àperirà and raised upon it by his two Parents, April and Daniel Wilson. Since the age of 10 he has been helping his mother in the kitchen with cooking dinner. Finding amazement in how many things could taste and smell good. How any thing could change a meal from being good or bad to amazing and horrible. As he grow up and started to go to his father's school at the age range of 13-18 he would often be found helping the Cafeteria staff set up meals for the student body. He graduated school and then went into working with a small restaurant ran by a family of Rabbits. The menu mostly consisting of Vegetarian stuff and seafood. Upon catching word of the Overlord's goals, methods and presence on the Isle of Aukate he desired to sign up. He got on the next recruit boat on Àperirà and is now off to camp at Kua'kua to sign up.

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