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Here's some information to help you get started. If you haven't already, read the forum Rules and Setting.

  • We live on a secluded island chain. You may have come from Aukate originally or from another of the islands, Bootcamp is set on a small island off the coast of Aukate, the Overlord's island.
  • We have very limited contact with the outside world, especially with humans who don't know we exist. The few that do either deal with us directly through trade, or are allies in government positions like America and Canada.
  • We can/do use the internet but there is a web filter that makes it impossible to share photographic or video evidence that we, as animals, exist to humans. There are hefty penalties for bringing unauthorized humans out to our islands, as it's a huge security risk.
  • The technology here on the islands is 2 steps ahead of current American technology and 1 step ahead of Japanese/Chinese technology.
  • We do not use human technology, we have our own technological evolution while parallel in many places (possessing touch tablets and smart phones etc) they are of our own design.

We do not have:

  • Many Cars.
  • Helicopters.
  • A Navy We have freight boats that are manned by humans that visit us twice a month. That's the extent of our interaction with the outside world and the ocean, aside from fishing.
  • Firearms: Most projectile-based weapons will not be permitted in main RP. You may have it in your backstory but thats as far as its allowed to go.

A double breasted purple uniform. a set of purple pants. And either set of spats for digigrade paws, or a pair of boots.
There is nothing special about your outfit. You are not allowed to modify your outfit without administrative permission. If you are caught modifying your uniform, smuggling in disallowed technology, Smuggling in weapons or equipment that is NOT standard issue you will be removed without ceremony.

To get started you must first create a character. Please use the profile below as your template. This will also serve as your personnel file in the Overlord's Empire.:
Island of birth:
Preferred occupation:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Height (in feet and inches):

Brief character description:

Character background/history:

Once you have created your character you can start playing in Bootcamp until you are transferred to Aukate. Bootcamp is the starting point for all civilians and minions wishing to move to the Overlord's home island.

To create a character profile create a new topic in this forum.


Rules and Guidelines for the forum.

  1. No Erotic RP. You want to have sexy times with other characters you can Fade to black or take it off-site. I don't want it here.
  2. OOC grudges should not be used for Ic reasons to snipe at other people. Inversely Ic actions should be independant of the player's own issues against others. If you don't like another player no-one is forcing you to play with them. Choose a different department, don't cause drama.
  3. No whining if a certain plot action doesn't work in your favor.
  4. do not powerplay or Godmode. Examples of this are performing actions for another character that is not yours or injuring or killing another character without thier consent.
  5. If you start a thread you are required to post in it at least 3 times a week so long as there is activity in that thread. Inversely you can say that a certain thread's storyline (that you have started) has run its course and end it.
  6. If you participate in a thread you are required to post in it at least once a week.
  7. You are required to read the threads you are apart of. If you prove over and over again you have not read the threads you are apart of and merely "jump in" and ignore all the setup previously, you will be banned. I do understand threads can get long and tedius and I don't mind informing people every so often that they've missed something. But Blatant disregard for all things that happened in the thread so-far will not be tolerated after multiple and repeat offenses. Reading the first few pages of a thread will usually give you a "feel" for whats going on. I suggest at least 4 pages of any thread (or if there less than four pages, the entirety of that thread. ESPECIALLY paying close attention to officers/mods poses. Officers are:Admin/Darius;wolfbane;Silver, Tigermark, Areta, and Artemis. As these characters will no doubt be iterating important plot points.
  8. No magic characters.
  9. You are not the last of your kind, you are not an outcast. In the setting it makes absolutely no sense for anyone to be such. We're an island full of mutant animal people, there's no such thing as being different to the point of ostracization.
  10. Follow proper format and tensing for posting.

    Do not add quotations of other characters in your post.

            Namely Past-tense and Novel format in third person:

    She slipped up behind Hector with a knowing smiled and tugged on one of his ears. "How's your night going, Hec?" There was a pause as the elf turned and smiled down at her.

    "Better than can be expected, quiet, mostly." He handed her a book that one could only presume he'd been reading moments before her interruption. "Can I interest you in some Wilde over tea while we wait for nothing to happen?"

    "Congratulations, Hector, you just jinxed the night."


    Omg Hector wtf are u doing out here so layte? lol *she plucks at his ear and give a cute little kawaii grin* So like any lk aliens or somejunk attacked yet? LoL ^_^

    *Hector proceeds to beat the kawaii catgirl with a book and holy water and threatens and anyone else who rapes proper RP structure like this*


  1. The main setting takes place on an Island Chain known as the Calendar Islands. with the bulk of the RP taking place on Isla Aukate. A large island within that chain. It has a large central extinct volcano inside a wider but shorter crater.
  2. If you play an anthropomorphic animal of any kind, this also includes:
                       Quadrupedal but sentient animals
                       Otherwise classified as mythical critters. Cerberus, Unicorns, dragons etc.
    you are a native of the Islands. The exceptions to these rule are rare and need to be approved by me. I will not allow deviations from this for first time characters.
  3. Magic is not permitted to be used by Player characters. There are two NPCS that use it but their presence is minimalistic at best. This is not up for debate.

Jobs We Need:

  • Scouts
  • Gatherers
  • Fishermen
  • Guards
  • Mechanics/Repairmen
  • Scientists
  • Medical
  • Specialized Medical (Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, etc.)
  • Engineers
  • Tech Specialists
  • Couriers
  • Cooks
  • Animal Specialists/Keepers
  • Craftsmen/Artisans (Furniture/tools/building materials/etc.)
  • Gardeners/Groundskeepers/Herbalists
  • Chemists/Pharmacists

Jobs We Don’t Need:

  • Assassins
  • Mercenaries
  • Hunters
  • Officers (This is an earned rank. Everyone starts off at the bottom.)
  • Combat Trainers (Trainer duty will be assigned by officers.)
  • Anything that centers around death/ murder/ killing things.

If you come up with your own job and it is creative or unique enough we may let you play it.

By posting on the forum you have agreed and read these rules and guidelines. Failure to comply with the above guidelines will see your character removed and posts deleted.


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