Character: Jack Erring

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Character: Jack Erring

Post by Astralin on Mon Feb 10, 2014 7:12 pm

Name: Jack Erring (pronounced like Herring without the H)
Island of birth:Màti
Preferred occupation: Hunter, Marksmen, Flexible
Species: Brown Wolf/Red Fox
Eye color: Ocean Blue/Hazel
Hair color: light brown
Height (in feet and inches): 5'4"

Brief character description: Jack is a well tempered wolf, and it takes much to set him off, loyal and protective of those he holds dear. Although Wolf in appearance, his mother's Vulpine features showed through his thin face, and varying splotches of white and red in his fur. Jack's face is lean and while not bulky with muscle he is lean and fairly well built. His fur is a brown base with several area's of white and red around his elbows, hips, and knees. When not required to be in uniform Jack , can be seen wearing a home-made vest with an undershirt and loose fitting pants. His legs are plantigrade he often wears hiking boots.

Character background/history: Jack was born on the island of Màti along with his twin sister Elize, taught to hunt by his father who often traveled to other islands. His mother worked with his sister teaching her about leather working and tailoring. Jack loved it when he was able to go out and hunt with his father, they preferred to use bows. Jack became very proficient with bows and learned the basics of using throwing knives. Developing his skills at tracking, trapping, and skinning. Earning an education up to the end of High school Jack couldn't immediately decide on what he wanted to pursue as an occupation so he tried a bit of everything for a bit, including being a baker, store clerk, and runner of messages between some of the nearby villages(sort of a mail man on foot), though he never really felt right doing any of the jobs he was able to acquire. Still very close to his parents and sister Jack wasn't sure about joining up with Overlord at first but figured if he couldn't find a place that suited him that he may be able to find peace helping everyone at once. So right after turning twenty four he decided to put in an application to join her forces though it pained him to leave his close knit family he felt it was somehow the right thing to do and left knowing that his family saw this.

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